Treat Your Car to the Full Automotive Package

Your car seems to be working fine, there are no service lights on, so why have your vehicle regularly serviced? Because regular automotive care not only saves you from expensive out of pocket costs down the road, but ensures you are driving a safe and reliable vehicle.

Why choose one of RPM Automotive’s ten locations? We are locally owned and operated, so as members of the community we make it our priority to give our neighbors the highest level of customer service and automotive care. Our mechanics and technicians have had extensive training and years of experience within the automotive industry.

How do we know we are getting quality parts/fluids during our visit? RPM uses first-rate replacement parts and manufacturer recommended synthetic blends on every car that enters our shop. Utilizing factory recommended parts/oils allows your car to perform as the engineers intended.

Something you may not know? If your vehicle is under warranty, all service and maintenance work does not have to be completed by the dealership. Federal Law prohibits new car dealers from implying that a warranty may not apply because routine scheduled maintenance was performed at an independent repair facility.